CBOC Annual Report 2012-2013

Project List

Measure G Bond Projects as of June 30, 2013

See the Measure A Bond Project List
Project NameBudgetExpended
Renovate Building 9$15,370,364$0
Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment (FFE) for the Academic Core Project$9,000,000$0
Renovate Building 5$8,936,875$0
Roof Repair/Replacement$3,377,306$0
Field House$2,038,296$0
Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment for Building 5, 9 & Athletic Fields$2,000,000$0
Site Lighting Upgrades$1,950,000$0
Instructional Technology (Computers, LCDS, Flat Screens, etc) - (PH 2)$1,560,000$0
Instructional Technology (Computers, LCDS, Flat Screens, etc) - (PH 3)$1,560,000$0
Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment for Hyman Hall$1,500,000$0
Site Security Systems$1,445,600$0
Newark Soil Remediation$1,372,800$0
Newark Maintenance/Warehouse Building$1,251,250$0
Newark Environmental Studies Lab Building$823,680$0
Campus Entry Improvements$795,600$0
Campus Way-finding Signage$607,360$0
Bird (Swallow) Environmental Alternatives$549,120$0
Wetland Living/Learning Environment$466,440$0
Hazardous Material Abatement and Removal$411,840$0
Newark Loop Roadway Improvements$0$0
New Building "E"$0$0
Planning Assessments and Program Management$18,000,000$1,414,482
Information Technology Infrastructure Upgrades$2,275,000$2,158,962
Instructional Technology (Computers, LCDS, Flat Screens, etc) - (PH 1)$1,560,000$874,540
Quick Fix: Way-Finding and Landscape$1,056,000$0
Renewable Energy Generation$30,449,700$16,124,635
Quick Fix: Imminent Failure$5,280,000$3,728,286
Quick Fix: Safety and Accessibility$2,112,000$945,443
Academic Core Buildings$133,712,160$2,364,709
Parking Structures$36,827,500$64,539
Hyman Hall Renovations$5,256,000$0
Parking, Road and Site Improvements$3,784,211$5,848
Site Utility Infrastructure Improvements$15,235,184$436,080
Plaza & Landscape Improvements$9,480,000$141
Athletic Fields$8,223,556$101,712
Newark Additional Parking (300 spaces)$1,029,600$17,767
Energy Efficiency Projects$1,026,714$0
Program Contingency$13,175,844$805,782
Catastrophic Contingency$5,500,000$0
Unallocated Interest Earned$545,173