We are grateful to the communities of Fremont, Newark and Union City for their support of Ohlone College. Measure A (which passed in March 2002) and Measure G (which passed in November 2010) will fund capital improvements at the College that will preserve quality education for years to come.

An annual independent performance audit was completed to ensure that funds from the sale of each of the series of Measures A and G are spent only on specified projects.

An independent committee was appointed to review and report on the expenditure of bond proceeds and to advise the public on the district’s compliance with accountability requirements.

The composition of the committee includes members from the following required constituency: seniors, a representative from a taxpayer association, a student, a business person, and a general community member.

College employees, officials, vendors, contractors, and consultants are not eligible for membership on the oversight independent committee.

Committee meetings are subject to the Brown Act and are generally held quarterly.