Update as of March 2007 Bond Report

Completed Improvement Projects

Disabled Access

Access ramps for Buildings 2, 4 & 6; additional ADA Access by replacing existing non-compliance doors and handles.

During installation of ADA ramp for Building 4.

Science Labs

Created Biotechnology Laboratory in Buildling 8.

Classroom before conversion to Biotechnology Laboratory.
Classroom during conversion to Biotechnology Laboratory.
Classroom after conversion to Biotechnology Laboratory.

Security / Safety Cameras

Install 32 cameras in parking lots and other high-traffic areas of the Fremont Campus.

After installation of security cameras, including screenshot views from security cameras.

Exterior Lighting

Installation of approximately 50 pole lights walkways, down Olive Lane, and all pathways leading to parking areas.

After installation of exterior lighting near Olive Lane.

Classroom / Lab Upgrade Phase A

Install media-enabled equipment, projectors, screens, podiums in 32 classrooms and labs.

After classroom upgrade.

Gymnasium Floor

Replace tartan gym floor with new wooden floor, modify and upgrade bleachers.

Gym floor before, during, and after replacement. After installation of ADA door on gym entrance.

Locker Room Upgrades

Remove and replace all old lockers in Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms, remodel and upgrade restrooms, create two team rooms.

Before and after locker room upgrades.

Weatherproof Buildings

Address urgent needs to repair damaged areas and remove mold.

Selected Bond Projects

  • Install 12 ADA power-operated doors in Buildings 1, 5, 12, and 22
  • Replace/repair weathered guardrails
  • Replace deteriorating redwood stairs with pre-cast concrete stairs
  • Replace exterior doors in 122 openings campus wide
Before replacement of guardrail and stairs.

Exterior Facelift Building 1

Exterior improvement to campus, paint campus buildings, repair stucco and exterior wood trim, improve frontage of campus, open stairwells (more daylight). Photo gallery: Fall 2006-Spring 2007 Building 1 stucco repair and new paint.

Tennis Courts – Resurface and repair weathered and cracking tennis courts.

Tennis courts before and after repair.

Fremont Main Electric

Upgrade of main service capacity on the Fremont campus.

Erosion Control

Construct retaining walls, improve drainage, and install landscape to control erosion.

Active Improvement Projects

Digitize Campus Blueprints – Ongoing

Water Intrusion (above grade)

Prevent water from entering building above grade by addressing roofing, caulking, and sealing needs.

During water instrusion work.

Renovation of Vacated Space

Upgrade classrooms, labs, restrooms.

Lecture hall Room 3201 before and after renovation.

Information Technology Infrastructure

Support critical technology infrastructure needs.