Projects for repairs and upgrades are captured under three categories: Imminent Failure; Safety & Accessibility; and, Wayfinding & Landscape.  Multiple projects have been identified and are in various stages of implementation.  Listed below are some of the projects that have been completed or are underway.

Completed Projects:

  • Sidewalk repairs adjacent to the Smith Center
  • Broken floor boxes replaced at Newark
  • Fremont Campus sidewalks repaired for the removal of tripping hazards
  • Amphitheater rewired for outside electrical GFI circuit protection
  • Removal and repair of damaged roof tiles which had potential falling hazards
  • Upgrade fire alarm in Building 6
  • Loading dock safety railing at Building 5
  • Site signage and wayfinding updates
  • Entry Doors at Smith Center replaced
  • EMS Controls for HVAC in Building 9 upgraded
  • Gym press box safety hand railing protection upgrades
  • Radio Station Fencing Repairs on Mission Peak
  • Fire alarm system in Building 22 replacement

Projects underway:

  • Interim Signage
  • Fire Alarm Replacement
  • Building 7 Site Stairs